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How difficult is the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

What is Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Set out on a remarkable journey as you travel the Manaslu Circuit Trek's wild terrain of the Manaslu area. This breathtaking trek, set amidst the towering Himalayas, exposes the untamed magnificence of nature and pushes the limits of your fortitude. Prepare for the thrilling climb across dangerous terrain and dizzying peaks, where each step tests your unbreakable spirit.

Explore the unique tapestry of diverse cultures, embellished with fluttering prayer flags and spiritual monasteries, as you travel the less traveled way. Allow this distant sanctuary's magnificent beauty to enchant your senses and leave a lasting impression on your soul.

Inviting you to experience the unusual and give in to its enduring appeal, the  Short Manaslu Circuit Trek beckons. Additionally, you can unravel more of your trekking adventure with the help of Manaslu Circuit with Tsum Valley trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek - Some Unraveling features:

Majestic Himalayan Peaks: Mount Manaslu (8,163 meters), Ganesh Himal, and Himlung Himal are just a few of the world's highest peaks that can be seen from the Manaslu Circuit Trek. You will be mesmerized by the majestic presence of these giants.

Pristine Natural Landscapes: As you travel through various landscapes, take in the unspoiled splendor of the Manaslu region. The walk highlights the region's incredible biodiversity, ranging from dense rhododendrons and bamboo forests to alpine meadows decorated with wildflowers.

Immersion in Culture: Discover the region's rich cultural heritage as you drive through rural communities home to different ethnic groups, including the Gurungs, Sherpas, and Tamangs. Discover historic monasteries, take in religious ceremonies, and interact with hospitable locals to learn more about their way of life.

Remote and Less Crowded: The Manaslu Circuit offers a quieter and more secluded experience than other well-known trekking routes in Nepal. Because there are fewer trekkers on the trail, you can appreciate nature's calm and fully immerse yourself in your surroundings.

High-altitude mountain passes like Larkya La (5,106 m) are among the strenuous mountain passes that must be crossed throughout the journey. These passes provide stunning panoramic vistas, but navigating the steep ascents and descents requires physical stamina and mental toughness.

Species and bird watching: A wide variety of species, including the elusive snow leopard, Himalayan tahr, musk deer, and red panda, may be found at the Manaslu Conservation Area. Various colorful Himalayan bird species will be visible along the trek, which will thrill birdwatchers.

Genuine Tea Houses: Along the way, you can find quaint tea houses and lodges offering inexpensive lodging and meals. You may stop and refuel in these simple establishments while admiring the beautiful scenery, providing an authentic look at the way of life in the area.

Conservation initiatives: The Manaslu Conservation Area is committed to protecting the ecosystem and advancing environmentally friendly tourist methods. Trekking through this area helps with conservation efforts to preserve the ecosystems' fragility and threatened animals.

Epic Sunrises and Sunsets: Marvel at nature's breathtaking display as the sun rises, bathing the snow-capped peaks in a golden glow. Awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset views may be seen from several vantage points during the trip, and they are unforgettable.

Sense of accomplishment: Finishing the Manaslu Circuit Trek is an incredible feat that gives you a deep sense of accomplishment. A strong sense of self-belief and perseverance is instilled after overcoming the trek's physical and emotional obstacles and arriving at the target.

For those looking for a unique and fulfilling trek in the heart of the Himalayas, the Manaslu Circuit Trek captures the spirit of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural immersion.

Manaslu Circuit Trek - How difficult is it?

Trekking the Manaslu Circuit presents a unique challenge that requires physical and mental preparation. Here are some of the difficulties you may encounter along the way, along with explanations of each point:

High Altitude: One of the primary challenges of the Manaslu Circuit Trek is the high altitude. As you ascend, the oxygen levels decrease, making it harder for your body to function. Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is a potential risk, and symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and fatigue may arise. It is crucial to acclimatize correctly, allowing your body to adjust to the altitude gradually.

Long and Steep Ascents and Descents: The trail includes long and steep ascents and descents, demanding good physical fitness and endurance. You'll navigate narrow paths, rocky terrain, and steep slopes, requiring strength in your legs and core. Before the trek, regular cardiovascular and strength training exercises can help prepare your body for these challenging sections of the Manaslu Circuit trek.

Unpredictable Weather Conditions: Weather in the Himalayas can be highly unpredictable, especially during the monsoon season and winter months. Rain, snow, and strong winds can affect the trail conditions, making them more treacherous and challenging. Packaging appropriate gear, including waterproof clothing and sturdy boots, is essential to withstand varying weather conditions in the Manaslu area.

Remote and Limited Facilities: The Manaslu Circuit is a less-developed trekking route than other popular trails in Nepal. Accommodation and facilities along the trail may be limited and basic, with simple tea houses or lodges providing shelter and meals. Be prepared for rustic living conditions, including shared bathrooms and minimal amenities. It is advisable to carry essential supplies, such as snacks and water purification tablets, to ensure your comfort during the trek.

Restricted Permits and Regulations: Nepal's Manaslu region is limited, and trekkers require special permits. Obtaining the necessary licenses, including the Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP) and the Restricted Area Permit (RAP).

Limited Communication and Connectivity: Due to the remote nature of the region, there may be limited or no cellular network coverage along the trail. Access to Wi-Fi and internet services will also be limited. Disconnecting from the digital world can be both liberating and challenging, so informing your loved ones about the lack of communication and embracing the opportunity to connect with nature and fellow trekkers is essential.

Physical and Mental Fatigue: The Manaslu Circuit Trek is typically around 12 to 20 days, covering a considerable distance and altitude. The long days of walking, combined with physical exertion and high altitude, can lead to physical and mental fatigue.

It is essential to pace yourself, listen to your body, and take rest days when needed. Building mental resilience and maintaining a positive mindset will also play a crucial role in overcoming fatigue.

Do's and dont's while trekking the Manaslu Circuit:

Here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind while walking in the Manaslu region:


Obtain the necessary permits: Ensure you have the required visas, such as the Manaslu Restricted Area Permit, before starting your trek. Check with local authorities or your trekking agency for the latest permit information.

Hire a licensed guide or porter: It's advisable to hire a licensed guide or porter who is familiar with the region. They can provide valuable insights, assist with navigation, and help carry your belongings, allowing you to enjoy the trek without unnecessary burdens.

Pack proper gear: Pack suitable clothing and equipment for the trek, including warm layers, sturdy trekking boots, rain gear, a sleeping bag, and a first aid kit. Also, carry sufficient food, water, and snacks for the trekking days between villages.

Acclimatize properly: Take time to acclimatize to the altitude as you ascend. Plan your itinerary accordingly, including rest days at higher elevations, to allow your body to adjust and minimize the risk of altitude sickness.

Respect local culture and customs: The Manaslu region is home to various ethnic communities with unique traditions. Respect the local culture, dress modestly, and seek permission before photographing individuals or religious sites.

Stay hydrated and eat well: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the trek. Ensure you consume nutritious meals to maintain energy levels and aid in acclimatization.


Don't underestimate the difficulty: The Manaslu region offers challenging trekking routes with varying terrain and altitudes. Don't underestimate the difficulty level; be prepared for steep ascents, descents, and long trekking days.

Avoid solo trekking: It's recommended to trek with a companion or a guide. Solo trekking in remote areas can be risky due to the unpredictable nature of the terrain and limited access to immediate assistance.

Don't disregard safety precautions: Follow safety guidelines and listen to your guide's instructions. Avoid taking unnecessary risks, especially during adverse weather conditions or when crossing challenging sections of the trail.

Don't litter: Maintain the pristine beauty of the Manaslu region by disposing of your waste responsibly. Carry a small bag to collect trash and return it to designated disposal areas in villages.

Avoid wild camping: While camping is a popular option during the trek, avoid camping in undesignated areas. Respect the local ecosystem and camp only in designated camping spots or lodges.

Don't disturb wildlife: The Manaslu region is known for its diverse flora and fauna. Refrain from disturbing or feeding wildlife during your trek. Observe animals from a distance and do not disrupt their natural habitat.

Remember, these guidelines ensure your safety, respect for the environment, and positive cultural exchange. Enjoy your trekking experience in the beautiful Manaslu region!


The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a demanding and rewarding journey that requires careful planning, mental fortitude, and physical fitness. You may prepare yourself, equip yourself, and plan for a successful and memorable trip by being aware of and recognizing the potential challenges you may face along the road. As you embark on this incredible trek, embrace the difficulties, push yourself to your limits, and allow the Manaslu area's natural beauty to inspire, motivate, and enrich you.



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