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Manaslu Short Trek 11 Days; Itinerary and Cost
Manaslu Short Trek 11 Days; Itinerary and Cost

Manaslu Short Trek 11 Days; Itinerary and Cost

Additionally, the 11-day Manaslu short trek gives you the fantastic chance to explore the unexplored and uncharted pathways of the Manaslu region and fills you with the entrancing beauty of nature.


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Manaslu Short Trek 11 Days; Itinerary and Cost

Additionally, the 11-day Manaslu short trek gives you the fantastic chance to explore the unexplored and uncharted pathways of the Manaslu region and fills you with the entrancing beauty of nature.


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Trek Facts

Trip Level
Trip Starts At
Machha Khola - Gorkha
Trip Ends At
Max Altitude
Trek Activity
Sightseeing, Trekking, Hiking, Photography
Trek Route
Machhaa Khola - Jagat - Chhekampar, Nile, Samagaun - Larke La Pass - Bhimthang - Dharapani - Besi Sahar
Best Season
Spring and Autumn

Trek Overview

The 11-day Manaslu Short Trek takes in all of the breathtaking Manaslu region's natural splendor, from verdant meadows to snow-capped slopes that lead to rhododendron forests and other breathtaking sights. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is intended for outdoor lovers who want to experience all of nature's breathtaking grandeur. As an alternative trek to the Annapurna Circuit, the Manaslu Circuit trek is growing in popularity. The Manaslu Circuit Trek's walking circuit has a lot of excellent teahouses and lodges because of the growing number of trekkers.

As a result, people are becoming more interested in exploring the Himalayas, hidden wildlife, and culture through the quick Short Manaslu Circuit walk. This 11-day walk around the Manaslu Circuit will provide you with the most incredible experience of a lifetime. This journey will take you over breathtaking routes surrounded by diverse cultures, breathtaking scenery, and works of art and architecture.

This walk, which takes place from the lowlands to the highlands, provides a stunning view of the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and glaciers. Although a little challenging, this walk will offer you an adrenaline boost and leave you speechless at the breathtaking grandeur of the Manaslu region. One of the best off-the-beaten-path treks in Nepal is the Manaslu Circuit trip.

This trek offers a level of tranquility and seclusion unmatched by any other in Nepal. The Manaslu Short Trek is a beautiful way to see the many mountain ranges, including the Annapurna and Manaslu, from a magnificent vantage point. This 11-day Short Manaslu Circuit Trek will introduce you to a variety of ethnic groups, including Brahmins, Chhetris, and Gurung communities.

At the same time, You will also have a very good chance to learn about Tibetan Buddhism and witness the genuine way of life of the Gurung people. This Manaslu Short Trek is the perfect walk since it offers unmatched natural beauty, a variety of cultural significance, and stunning snow-capped mountains. This walk is an example of traditional Himalayan culture and landscape.

This journey is enthralling because of the stunning flora and wildlife as well as the natural vistas of the Manaslu region. It is the well-known and less busy Himalayan trek. Trekking is a fantastic way to discover the Himalayas' best-kept secrets and hidden gems around Manaslu.

When is the Best Time to do the Manaslu Short Trek?

The optimum months to complete the quick 11-day Manaslu Short Trek are March through May and September through November. The trekker can fully appreciate every breathtaking aspect of the journey because the weather has been consistent over this period. The gorgeous landscape of Mt. Manaslu and other breathtaking natural landscapes
may all be observed in addition to the lovely weather.

11  Days Manaslu Short Trek can be done in the winter, but some people might not want to because of the cold and the fact that none of the lodges in this area are fully furnished. Weather, regional culture, flora and animals, nature, and other facets of the Manaslu are all impacted by seasonal fluctuations.

The 11-day Manaslu Short  Trek is best taken during the spring and fall seasons because they are the most convenient and well-liked, but each season has its own significance. Because of this, it becomes increasingly obvious as the seasons change how the route has changed and how varied conditions must be expected by trekkers. The seasons are as follows:

Manaslu Short Trek in Spring Season:

Springtime is often associated with new beginnings, buds that are just beginning to bloom, cool temperatures, and a fresh, pleasant aroma coming from nature. The start of the day is cool, and it warms up as the day goes on. Popular at this time of year is the quick, 11-day Manaslu Short Trek. The mountain landscape is stunning, and the pathways are all fantastic, but it's freezing outside. Traveling at this time will allow you to experience everything at its finest.

While it is quite cold at higher altitudes, it is not particularly hot at lower levels. Even the flower buds that are just starting to open and the green pigments on the tree leaves appear green and lovely to you. Spring is the best season to take in the breathtaking mountain views and uncharted off-trail trekking trails. You'll feel more like you're in heaven. Nature is at its most lovely when vivid flowering flowers and breathtaking mountain panoramas are present.

The  Manaslu Short Trek is as beautiful and diverse as spring, which is another prime time to experience it. The unpredictable weather could make the expedition more challenging. Even though spring is almost here, the trek will get easier as the weather improves. There is less of a rush to see the numerous tourist destinations in the spring
because the days are longer and the sun is warmer.

It also provides you with a stunning vista of early spring wildflowers and grassy terraces, which calms the pace of the trek. Its vitality and energy make the voyage more enjoyable. The climate is quite agreeably warm this time of year. The air is sharper at the beginning of the season, but as spring approaches its height, the temperature warms and becomes cozy. Actually, all of the previously covered trail's moist and damp snow will melt away.

Even though there will be more sunlight throughout the day, it will still be very chilly at night. Generally speaking, there are a lot of people visiting the major places and attractions, which could be overwhelming for you. A lot of wildflowers and rhododendrons may also be in bloom at this time.

 Manaslu Short Trek in Autumn Season:

Unquestionably, now is the best time of year to complete the quick, 11-day Manaslu Short Trek. The sky is clear and serene. The view is magnificent as always. The Manaslu Circuit trip is thought to be best done in the autumn because of the favorable weather for both activities. Autumnal months include September, October, and November. Autumn occurs between summer and winter.

The Autumn weather is gorgeous and rainy. The climate is perfect for outings that require a lot of walking. Autumn is the best time to do the 11-day Manaslu Short Trek since it welcomes you with alluring beauty and a serene atmosphere. You may enjoy a commanding view of the snow-covered mountains, rolling hills, and shining lowlands from there.

Old trails take you into fresh, fragrant trees, providing for a lovely stroll. Take in the breathtaking fall foliage from the Manaslu Circuit trek's highest point. Having a clear view of the adjacent mountains, hills, and valleys is also advantageous to you. In addition to the stunning surroundings, the impending celebrations and activities in the autumn lift your spirits.

The greatest time to explore the well-worn, conventional Manaslu routes is in the fall. When the weather is exactly right—not too hot or too cold—it happens. Visitors should prepare for strong gusts and light rain in the first few weeks of September. It provides you with a breathtaking view of the snow-covered mountains, the wide slopes, and the vibrant valleys. You are taken on a lovely stroll through fragrant, new woodlands along the ancient routes.

Short 11 days Manaslu Circuit Trek – What difficulties can incur?

The short 11-day Manaslu Short Trek will take you to gorgeous and enchanting areas and will awe you in every step of your adventurous journey, as the saying goes, & not When life throws you mountains, put on your boots and trek. " Adventure is not easy, though. The beautiful Manaslu Circuit requires a variety of skills to ascend because the best vistas always come after the most difficult ascent. The following are the primary challenges encountered on the quick 11-day Manaslu Circuit trek:

  • The physical condition of the trekkers is one of the key factors contributing to the difficulty of the Manaslu short trek. People who are less physically fit and in better health are not encouraged to trek since it is a
    a challenging trek that could result in major health issues as the location is not equipped with contemporary medical care facilities.
  • For beginners lacking in physical stamina and perseverance, the 11-day Manaslu short Trek may be difficult. There could be some Difficulties during the trip, such as bad weather, difficulties adjusting to the altitude, etc. As a result, the right safety precautions must be taken before trekking to the Manaslu Circuit.
  • The Manaslu Circuit trek does not include any accommodations of the highest caliber. Since it's one of Nepal's most isolated areas, the only lodging options you'll have are basic conveniences like teahouses. There won't be
    many options available.
  • On the 11-day Manaslu Circuit trek, altitude sickness can be a serious challenge. Adverse altitude sickness, as well as HAPE and HACE, are quite likely to occur in areas that are above 3500 meters, and Larkya La Pass (5106m.) must also be traversed. So, appropriate safety measures ought to be taken.

What to expect from Manaslu Short Trek?

“Mountain of the Spirit” known as Manaslu is the eighth highest peak in the world and offers an amazing trekking experience in the Nepalese Himalayas. A less familiar gem compared to the popular Annapurna and Everest regions, the Manaslu Short Trek offers a unique mixture of natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes, and cultural encounters. Manaslu Short Trek offers an off-the-beaten-path for adventurers, so let’s dive into what you can expect on the Manaslu Short Trek.

Peaceful and Less Crowd: As compared to other popular trekking destinations, Manaslu Region is a less-traveled trekking route in Nepal making it simple for trekkers to explore and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the Himalayas without the hustle and bustle. It allows trekkers to experience the local culture and environment more directly. This trek is an excellent option for trekkers seeking a unique and less crowded trekking destination.

Stunning views of Mountains and Rivers: Make yourself ready to be wonderstruck by the stunning Himalayan peaks that surround the Manaslu region. From the lofty Manaslu (8,163) itself to the magnificent sights of Annapurna II, Ganesh Himal, and Him Lung, you will witness the most mesmerizing mountain ranges that Nepal offers. The trek also offers the view of rivers in Buri Gandaki Valley which increases the trek’s overall natural beauty. Walk alongside the roaring rivers, you get to admire the cascading waterfalls.

Larkya La Pass: The Larkya La Pass stands at an elevation of 5,106 meters and is the main highlight of the Manaslu Short Trek. The pass is the most challenging part of the trek, offering bird’s eye views of surrounding peaks and remarkably Dudh Khola Valley. However, it’s a tricky part of the climb, the breath-catching mountain view makes it truly worthwhile.

Cultural Encounters and Authentic Local Experience: The Manaslu region is home to many ethnic groups, mostly the Gurung and Tamang people. As you explore the area, you get the chance to interact with friendly locals, experience their local cultures, and unique traditions, and capture their rural lifestyle. On the way, you will see various ancient caves and have the chance to learn about Buddhist culture. From traditional villages to vibrant monasteries, submerge yourself in this cultural encounter that will leave a long-lasting impact on your journey.

Flawless Natural Beauty: Manaslu Conservation Area was established to protect the endangered species of wildlife and vegetation that keep the environment stable. Manaslu Conservation Area is the habitat of 33 species of mammals, 110 species of birds, and 210 species of butterfly. The vegetation of this protected region includes 19 different types of forests engaged with around 2,000 flowering plants.

You will also encounter some endangered animals like Himalayan Thar, Snow Leopard, and Musk Deer in the conservation area. Explore the everlasting scenery of the Manaslu Conservation Area dotted with Rhododendron forests and Himalayan pine. The pleasing beauty of this region will leave you breathless.

The Manaslu Region is a hidden gem that offers an unforgettable and unique trekking experience in the Nepalese Himalayan Region. From challenging terrains, and high altitudes to breath-catching mountain views, cultural encounters, and unspoiled landscapes, this trek offers a risk-free and pleasurable journey. Manaslu Short Trek is the perfect destination for adventurers looking for unmatched beauty.

Is Manaslu Short Trek Suitable for Beginners?

The Manaslu Short Trek is a bit challenging but a gratifying adventure that takes you through the majestic Manaslu mountain, the eighth-highest peak in the world. The trek offers a unique blend of natural beauty, a cultural bath, and thrilling adventure. With its remote locality and unspoiled landscapes, this trek is a perfect choice for those looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

To conclude if the Manaslu short trek is appropriate for you, you need to consider some factors. Firstly, you need to understand the Manaslu short Trek and Manaslu Region. You need to understand the climate, weather, and trekking route of the Manaslu short trek.

The Manaslu Short Trek route is moderately difficult, so it requires a good level of physical fitness, forbearance, and mental preparedness. The trail involves long days of walking, ascending and descending steep terrains and high-altitude passes. Regular physical exercise, Cardio exercise, and strength-based activities are recommended to prepare your body for the demanding trek.

Larkya La Pass at 5,106 meters is the highest elevation we get during the Manaslu Short Trek. At this high altitude, your body gets tired and dehydrated and there is a risk of altitude sickness. So, you must consider your body’s condition, take breaks, stay hydrated, and follow proper guidelines to ensure a safe trek. Along with physical fitness, you must be mentally prepared because the adverse weather conditions and basic accommodations can test your patience.

The Manaslu Short Trek is appropriate for those who have good physical fitness, and prior hiking experience and are mentally prepared for the challenges during the trek. Proper acclimatization is important to minimize the risk of altitude sickness. With good preparation, the Manaslu Short Trek can be truly an amazing journey in the majestic Himalayas.

How can I prepare myself for Manaslu Short Trek?

Preparing yourself for the Manaslu Short trek needs a qualified guide, essential equipment, physical fitness, and more. Here are some factors to consider in your preparation list:

Get in shape: The Manaslu Trek is a challenging trek with steep ascents and descents. So, you need to improve your physical fitness level. Start by doing regular cardio workouts such as cycling, running, walking, and swimming to build your endurance. Concentrate on strengthening your leg muscles and core by doing lunges, planks, and squats.

Hiking Experience: The Trek involves long days of walking and tough terrain so prior hiking experience comes in handy during the trek. Practice hikes to get used to walking for lengthy periods. Go on a hike at your local place for a better experience before the actual trek.

Altitude Training: The Manaslu Short Trek takes you to a high altitude, so it is suggested to undergo altitude training before the trek. Plan a few days of hiking at a higher altitude to prepare your body. This helps your body to adjust to low oxygen levels and decreases the chance of altitude sickness.

Get the Right Gear and Equipment: Invest in superior equipment including hiking boots, waterproof layers, moisture-wicking clothes, a warm sleeping bag, and a comfortable backpack.

Acclimatize: Your body needs time to acclimate to the increasing altitude. So, it is important to move slowly, have a rest day, and drink enough water.

Get required permits: You need a specific permit to trek in the Manaslu area (Restricted area entrance special permit, Manaslu Conservation Area Project MCAP, and Annapurna Conservation Area Project ACAP).  Make sure to have the necessary permits before beginning the trek.

Hydration and Nutrition: Throughout the trek, you need to keep your body hydrated. Therefore, drink enough water and eat foods that contain carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy foods.

Hire a professional guide: Hire a knowledgeable guide to assure your safety help you with navigation, and accommodation, and enhance your overall experience.

With all this preparation you can have a successful and rewarding journey to Manaslu.

How to pack properly for the Manaslu Short Trek?

When it comes to packing for Manaslu Short Trek, you need to be wise. You need to understand the essential packing list to enjoy the wilderness of this trek. It is smart to avoid unnecessary items for a smooth trip. So, how will you decide on the finest packing list for the Manaslu Short Trek?

To make you clear about what to pack for the Manaslu Short Trek, we have prepared the ultimate packing list that is deliberate as a guideline:

1. Travel Document: Passport & Travel Insurance.

2. Travel Clothing: Headwear: Hat or Sun Cap, Sunglasses, Neck Warmer/ Buff, headscarf/ Bandana, Headlamps, Sunscreen etc.

Bodywear: Waterproof and Windproof Jacket and Pants, Thermal layers, Short Sleeve T-shirts, Underwear, Down Jacket, Sports Bra (for women), Hiking Pants, Light Thermal Trousers, Hiking Shorts (Optional), and a pair of Warm Gloves for hands.

Footwear: Hiking Boots, Hiking Shocks, trekking Sandals or slippers, Cotton Shocks, Gaiters.

Trekking Equipment & Gears: Trekking Backpack, Trekking Poles, Sleeping Bag, Head Torch with extra batteries, Water Bottle or Thermals, camera, Solar charger or Power Bank, a Whistle, and Extra Plastic Bag.

3. Medical Kit: If you are on any kind of medicine, bring it. Get a first aid kit.

4. Toiletries: Toothpaste and toothbrush, Hand Sanitizer and hand Wash, Biodegradable Soap, Lip Balm, Moisturizer, Shampoo, Wet Wipes, and a Small Towel

5. Backpacks: Backpack, Duffle Bag.

While Packing for Manaslu Short Trek ensure that you have everything you need. If you need anything you can find it in Thamel has many gear shops where you can find both authentic and cheap gear.

Required permits for the Short Manaslu Circuit Trek

Obtaining a permit is one of the requirements you must meet in order to take part in these breathtaking and thrilling 11 days of Manaslu Short Trek. Specific permits are required to travel in the Manaslu region and take part in the Manaslu 11-day short trek. The authorizations needed are:
Manaslu Restricted Area Permit (MRAP)
Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP)
Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)

Trek Map

Key Highlights

A tour of the stunning Budhi Gandaki Valley.
Marveling at the breathtaking views of Mount Manaslu and the Annapurna range.
Take a stroll around the serene Manaslu area.
Travel to various Gompas and learn about their historical significance.
Gain an understanding of the distinctive culture, way of life, and beliefs of early Tibetan Buddhism.
Develop genuine adventure experience.
The abundance of different plants and animals in the Manaslu Conservation Area.
Stunning views of many peaks, such as Mount Manaslu.
Quiet, scenic, less-traveled trekking trails.
A wide variety of topography, including rivers, rugged hills, falling waterfalls, streams, etc.
Stunning villages, the simple way of life of the locals, and their own culture and traditions.
Passing across the 5,106-meter-high Larkya la Pass.

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Trek Itinerary


Camp: Machha Khola

Altitude: 930 m./3050ft.

Time: 8 – 9 hrs. drive

Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Accommodation: tea house

The journey begins with an exhilarating drive from Kathmandu, embarking on a winding road that gradually descends through lush hills and remote villages. The drive introduces you to the diverse landscapes of Nepal, as you pass terraced fields, roaring rivers, and traditional hamlets.

As you reach Machha Khola, a rustic village situated at 930 meters (about 3051.18 ft), you'll already sense the anticipation of the trek ahead. The tranquil setting by the Budi Gandaki River sets the tone for the adventure that lies ahead.

DAY 02: TREK TO JAGAT ( 1410 M ) 5 - 6 HRS

Camp: Jagat

Altitude: 1410 m./4625ft

Time: 5 – 6 hrs walk

Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Accommodation: tea house

Leaving behind Machha Khola, you'll follow the trail that parallels the meandering river, passing through picturesque settlements. You'll notice playful monkeys and langurs, adding a touch of wildlife to your journey. The path takes you through dense forests and charming Gurung villages like lower Khorlabeshi.

The sight of shepherds draped in traditional Bokkhu capes adds cultural richness to your experience. Your trek will lead you to Tatopani, where you can relish a rejuvenating soak in natural hot springs.

Crossing suspension bridges and ascending trails, you'll eventually arrive in Jagat, a Gurung village adorned with meticulously laid flagstones. Here, you'll complete permit formalities as you officially enter the restricted region.

DAY 03 : TREK TO DENG ( 1800 M ) 6 - 7 HRS

Camp: Deng

Altitude: 1800 m / 5904 ft

Time: 6 – 7 hours walk

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Accommodation: Tea house

Today's journey introduces you to a variety of landscapes as you traverse through dense forests, crossing several suspension bridges that span the Budi Gandaki River. The route gradually leads to Yaruphant, where the river mellows, offering a serene backdrop to your trek.

Following the river's course, you'll eventually reach the village of Deng, situated at 1800 meters. The village's rustic charm and traditional architecture provide a glimpse into the local way of life.

DAY 04: TREK TO NAMRUNG ( 2660 M ) 6 - 7 HRS

Camp: Namrung

Altitude: 2660 m. / 8725 ft

Time: 6 – 7 hrs walk

Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Accommodation: Tea house

Departing from Deng, the trail ascends through enchanting landscapes, presenting panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The journey leads you through charming villages inhabited by hospitable locals.

As you ascend, you'll notice a shift in vegetation and climate. Namrung, situated at 2660 meters, welcomes you with its distinct Tibetan influence and picturesque backdrop, making it an ideal place to rest after a day of trekking.

DAY 05: TREK TO SYALA GAON ( 3520 M ) 5 - 6 HRS

Camp: Syala Gaon

Altitude: 3530 m. / 11446 ft.

Time: 5 – 6 hrs. walk

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Accommodation: Tea house

Today's trek presents the grandeur of the Himalayas as you ascend through alpine forests and captivating trails. The increasing altitude becomes evident in the cooler air and pristine scenery.

As you approach Syala Gaon, at 3520 meters, the village's Tibetan culture and way of life become more apparent. The breathtaking views of the mountains, particularly Mt. Manaslu 8163m, offer a glimpse of the grandeur that lies ahead


Camp: Samagaon

Altitude : Manaslu Base Camp 4400 m. / 14432 ft.

Time: 7-8 hrs

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Accommodation: Tea house

With the heights of Samagaon as your base, you'll have a day to acclimatize and explore the surroundings. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, interact with the residents, and possibly take a side trip to Pungyen Gompa, where panoramic vistas await. This strategic Acclimatize hiking day prepares you for the higher altitudes that await you on the journey

DAY 07: TREK TO SAMDO ( 3690 M ) 4 - 5 HRS

Camp: Samdo

Altitude: 3690 m. / 12103 ft.

Time: 4 – 5 hrs. walk

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Accommodation: Tea house

The trail continues to ascend as you make your way towards Samdo. The terrain becomes more rugged, and the altitude further intensifies the experience.

The village of Samdo, situated at 3690 meters, welcomes you with its tranquil atmosphere and panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. This shorter day of trekking allows for relaxation and acclimatization.

Note: Samdo village is the last local settlement of Manaslu Circuit Trek.


Camp: Dharmsala (Last camp before pass )

Altitude: 4470 m. / 14662 ft.

Time : 3 – 4 hrs. walk

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Accommodation: Tea house

Today's trek takes you to Dharamsala, also known as Larkya Base Camp. The landscape becomes increasingly stark and majestic, with towering peaks dominating the horizon.

As you approach Dharamsala, located at 4470 meters, the sense of isolation and the grandeur of the Himalayas become more pronounced. This intermediate point prepares you for the challenging pass ahead.

DAY 09: TREK TO BIMTHANG ( 3720 M ) VIA LARKYA LA PASS ( 5106 M ) 8 - 9 HRS

Camp: Bimthang

Altitude: Larkya la pass ( 5106 m / 16748ft )   Bimthang 3720 m. / 12202 ft

Time: 8 – 9 hrs walk

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Accommodation: Tea house

A challenging and rewarding day lies ahead as you ascend the formidable Larkya La Pass, standing at 5106 meters. The panoramic views from the pass are breathtaking, offering vistas of Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Kangguru, and Annapurna II.

The descent on the other side of the pass takes you to Bimthang, situated at 3720 meters. The diverse landscapes you encounter on this day create an indelible memory of your journey.

DAY 10: TREK TO DHARAPANI ( 1860 M ) 7 - 8 HRS

Camp: Dharapani

Altitude: 1860 m. / 6101 ft

Time: 7 – 8 hrs drive

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Accommodation: Tea house

Descending from the heights of Bimthang, the trail leads you through enchanting rhododendron forests and picturesque terrain. You'll join the Annapurna Circuit trail at Dharapani, completing the circuit and providing a sense of accomplishment.

The journey takes you through familiar landscapes, allowing for reflection on the incredible journey you've undertaken.


Camp: Kathmandu

Altitude: 1400 m. / 4592 ft.

Accommodation: 3-star hotel

Time: 5 – 6  hrs. drive

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and a special farewell dinner with a typical Nepali cultural show.

The final leg of your journey involves a drive from Dharapani to Kathmandu. The scenic drive offers a chance to absorb the transition from the remote landscapes to the vibrant energy of the capital city.

As you arrive in Kathmandu, you'll be filled with a sense of fulfillment and memories of the awe-inspiring adventure you've completed.

Trek Gallery

Trek Map

Manaslu Short Trek 11 Days; Itinerary and Cost

Manaslu Short Trek 11 Days; Itinerary and Cost Equipment Checklist

For Head/Face


For Body

Fleece Jacket
Down Jacket
Light and Warm Thermal (set)
Hiking shorts ( pant )
Light gloves
Hiking Boots
Thick wool shocks


Toilet Papers
Oil or cream for dry protection
Multipurpose soap
Anti bacterial hand wash


Rapid Test Kit
Thermal water bottle
Hiking Pole
Water purification drop
Sleeping bag
Cell Phone
Cell Phone

Cost Includes

Airport pickup and drop by private vehicl
3-star hotel accommodation in Kathmandu with breakfast.
All necessary paperwork and trekking permits ( ACAP, TIMS ) ( MCAP ,TIMS ) ( RAP ) and all government and local taxes.
Tea-house accommodation during the trek.
All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the trek.
All ground transportation on a comfortable private vehicle as per the itinerary.
English-speaking and government-licensed trek leader.
Porter (one porter for Two guests.)
Staff costs including their salary, insurance, equipment, food, and accommodation.
Medical kit (carried by your trek leader).
Hiking T-shirt

Cost Exludes

Nepalese visa fee
International airfare to and from Kathmandu
Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
Any kind of beverage
Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu in case of early arrival, late departure, and early return from the mountain(due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary.
Travel and rescue insurance
Tips for guide(s), porter(s) and driver(s)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the short 11 days Manaslu Circuit trek difficult?

Yes, it falls under one of the strenuous grade treks. Hence, you have to push yourself more during this trek and it will be quite preferable if you have prior trekking experience.

What is the highest elevation of 11days Manaslu Short trek?

The highest elevation during this trek is the Larkya la Pass which is situated at an elevation of 5,106 meters above sea level.

When is the best time to do this 11 days Manaslu short trek?

The best time to do this trek is during the Spring and autumn season when the weather is at its best and full of clear and awe-inspiring vistas.

Is this 11 days Manaslu Short trek much hard due to the short duration?

Well, it depends upon your perception and the amount of experience you have in trekking. If you want to explore the Manaslu region in a short period of time and have such an adventurous adrenaline rush, then the short 11 days Manaslu trek is the one for you.

Will there be managed accommodation facilities during the trek?

Yes, you should not expect very hi-fi accommodation facilities but you will get all the
basic teahouse accommodation along the trail and you will be satisfied.

What are the permits required during this trek?

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP), Restricted Area Permit (RAP), and  Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) are the permits required during this trek as this trail falls under Manaslu and Annapurna Conservation Area.

Accommodation during the 11 days Manaslu short trek- What can I expect?

Throughout the walk, teahouse lodging is offered. If you want to camp, that option is also available. It will rely upon your state of preference. The accommodations will be basic yet cozy so you can unwind and get some rest.

You will have simple, wholesome meals that will provide you with energy for the duration of the trek. Overall, the service will be straightforward but endearing because you'll get to enjoy the lovely hospitality of the locals and learn about their customs and culture.


I had the privilege of meeting Sujan in 2013 along the Annapurna circuit. When you meet someone incredible, it's impossible to forget them. Despite just meeting him randomly along the trail, he made a very positive impression on my wife and me, who think fondly of our conversations and interactions. He has a wealth of wisdom and experience, not just in the mountains but in interacting with people all over. He's got an unquenchable heart for people and his country, which he shares well with anyone in his company. When we do go back, he will be one of those people we must meet again. It's not a surprise that he has started a reputed guiding organization. It's about time! I would highly recommend Sujan and would even provide a back guarantee for anyone who does not have a stellar experience with him.

Eric Cheng

From Canada
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    star rating  We just returned from our second trip to Nepal and had another amazing experience with Sujan Pandey and Himalayan Connection. Our time was shorter than ideal, and once again,... read more

    June 12, 2022
  • star rating  Me and my girlfriend decided to go Annapurna trek. And we found this travel agency. We had inquiry. We thought to give a try and chose this agency. They welcomed... read more

    avatar thumb Roman S
    January 19, 2023

    star rating  Sujan Pandey was our guide on a 3-day trek 2 seasons ago (2019), in and out of Pokhara. He is the best! Knowledgeable, flexible, patient, and professional. We... read more

    Randy S
    March 15, 2021

    star rating  Thanks for wonderful moments, and your kind services ;Himalayan connection!! - One of my friend recommended this travel agency . I contacted them, and had a deal in very reasonable price . They made all arrangement. Very professional, great service... read more

    avatar thumb Venom S
    January 19, 2023
  • star rating  Sujan and Himalayan Connection are the best. Sujan is a very ecperienced Trekking Guide and now has his own trekking company, Himalayan Connection Treks and Expedition. You can... read more

    Randy S
    July 5, 2022

    star rating  Highly professional, trustworthy.Great service .among the best . i highly recommend to this agency !

    avatar thumb romansF2436LW
    January 14, 2023

    star rating  We booked the Everest Base Camp Trek with the company ( Himalayan Connection Treks & Expedition. It was an amazing trip and best experience ever. A young Organizer and The... read more

    avatar thumb 723namsu
    February 12, 2023
  • star rating  I have trekked in Nepal three times, the last two with Sujan as our guide. He greatly enhanced our overall experience with his knowledge, attentiveness, energy, resourcefulness and sense of... read more

    October 26, 2021

    star rating  Unforgettable Mardi Himal trek with SUJAN PANDEY! He is an expert guide - knowledgeable, caring, trained in all the safety and high-altitude skills to keep you safe, and attentive... read more

    May 19, 2021

    star rating  Sujan was the most amazing guide we had for our Annapurna Basecamp trek. My Mum, Grandparents and I had the most incredible experience in the Himalayas because of Sujan. We... read more

    October 18, 2021
  • star rating  Sujan Pandey was our guide on the Annapurna circuit in 2016. He was knowledgeable and able to plan our trip and call ahead to ensure we had lodging and... read more

    May 16, 2021

    star rating  Unforgettable Mardi Himal trek with SUJAN PANDEY! He is an expert guide - knowledgeable, caring, trained in all the safety and high-altitude skills to keep you safe, and attentive... read more

    May 19, 2021

    star rating  Sujan was the most amazing guide we had for our Annapurna Basecamp trek. My Mum, Grandparents and I had the most incredible experience in the Himalayas because of Sujan. We... read more

    October 18, 2021

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